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Inverted vertical drawing machine main parameters and operating procedures

Mar 02, 2018

Inverted wire drawing machine with both wire drawing and receiving double functions, under normal circumstances, the maximum line diameter up to 30 mm, the reel diameter of 600 to 1400 mm. For vertical wire drawing machine equipment, the main parameters include the speed control mode (AC variable frequency speed control), take-up mode (including the active adjustable, or car automatic walking) and so on.


Often people can use the upright wire drawing machine to pull these materials: high, medium and low carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire and so on, can also pull some coarse non-ferrous metal wire. As a user, we should not only be familiar with the main parameters of the equipment, but also be familiar with its operating procedures.


First, the use of inverted wire drawing machine equipment process, should be checked in advance, mainly to see the daily lubrication is in place, the water pressure is normal, as well as the trolley is off the rack and so on. Only confirm the normal circumstances before they can drive. If abnormal problems, should be handled in time, otherwise they can not drive.


Second, check and confirm the normal circumstances, turn on the power, and then start the AC main motor, the vertical wire drawing machine equipment into the no-load operation, and observe whether it is running well. Remember, drawing on the wire drawing machine in accordance with the requirements on the mold box, can not be placed elsewhere.


Third, after the host is gradually started, it can be gradually increased its running speed under the condition that the running is confirmed to make the equipment of the vertical wire drawing machine enter the normal working state and work normally and smoothly. It should be noted that, in the vertical wire drawing machine equipment in the process, should be in accordance with the requirements of norms, so as to avoid danger.http://www.chinawiredrawingmachine.com