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Straight wire drawing machine main features and functions

Mar 05, 2018

In the market, straight wire drawing machine belongs to a more commonly used metal wire processing equipment. People are mainly using straight-type drawing machine to high, medium and low carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire, copper wire, alloy copper wire, aluminum wire, etc., for the extension line processing.


1, Straight wire drawing machine's main features:


In contrast, the straight-type drawing machine cooling effect is relatively small, this is because the use of its reel is narrow-slit water-cooled, drawing die using direct water cooling, to maintain a good cooling effect. And the device is the use of a strong narrow V-band and a plane secondary envelope worm gear transmission, transmission efficiency, low noise.


Not only that, from the structural design point of view, in fact, straight into the wire drawing machine is fully enclosed protection system, not only efficient and very safe during operation. Coupled with the use of gas tension tuning, you can keep the drawing process stable.


In addition to these features, the advantages of straight wire drawing machine lies in its special use of advanced AC variable frequency control technology, or DC programmable control system, screen display, high degree of automation, easy to operate, pull the product high quality.


2, Straight wire drawing machine's main functions:


Straight wire drawing machine performance is stable, and the function is very complete. Under normal circumstances, the working error of the device can be accurate to meters, and has a fixed length automatic deceleration and stop function. In addition also includes a broken line detection and automatic parking function, any reel reciprocating motion and left and right linkage function, a variety of fault information and processing information display function and a variety of sports information monitoring.


3, straight drawing machine suitable drawing material:


From the current situation to analyze the case, straight drawing machine suitable for drawing a variety of materials, such as welding rod, wire, a variety of wire and wire and cable, alloy wire and other metal wire. http://www.chinawiredrawingmachine.com