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The main features of water tank drawing machine

Mar 06, 2018

Water tank drawing machine belongs to a small continuous production of drawing equipment. This equipment usually includes a number of drawing head, by drawing step by step, and drawing head placed in the water tank, and finally pulled to the desired wire specifications. In terms of the domestic market, most water tank wire drawing machines are equipped with about 20 drawing heads.


During the operation of the water tank drawing machine, the diameter of the steel wire will continuously change after different levels of drawing, and the working line speed of each drawing head will also change. Thus in the entire drawing process, with a motor through the mechanical transmission or gear box can be driven.


It should be noted that, taking into account the differences in drawing die, drawing tank drawing machine in the drawing speed of the different drawing will also be some changes. Under normal circumstances, the drawing speed is based on the second flow through the die every time the flow volume unchanged, that is, if πD 2v1 = πd 2v2 formula holds. Where the letter D represents the diameter of the incoming wire, v1 represents the linear speed of the incoming wire, d represents the diameter of the outgoing wire, and v2 represents the linear speed of the outgoing wire.


In actual application, in fact, the working speed of each drawing head of the water tank drawing machine is based on this formula so as to keep the synchronous operation. In fact, the drawing process of the equipment is completed by drawing the mechanical shaft, and these mechanical shafts are driven under the same main shaft. Based on this, the tension between the various levels of the system mainly through the tensile wheel speed difference and online tension to control the synchronization coordination.


In order to ensure the quality of the product, so the water tank drawing machine at work often need the appropriate coolant for cooling. One of the take-up part is generally a small power motor drag, and in order to ensure the uniformity of winding, usually when the water tank drawing machine winding tension line tension remains constant.http://www.chinawiredrawingmachine.com