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Practical application of water tank drawing machine

Mar 07, 2018

Water tank wire drawing machine is a sliding wire drawing machine, while sliding water tank wire drawing machine is to maintain the normal work of the basic conditions. In the production process, in addition to finished reel, wire speed should be less than the line speed of the tower wheel. The wire slips on the tower wheel. But for this slide also need to be controlled.


In fact, for this sliding control, often have a direct impact on the steel wire on the tower wheel wear degree. If we can control the wear and tear on the tower to the extent permitted, but also reduce energy consumption and improve the quality of the wire. The current scientific control of slip is based on the principle of minimum sliding. The so-called principle of minimum sliding water tank wire drawing machine is to control the amount of slip in the smallest range, the use of this principle at the beginning of the relative slip relatively large, and then gradually reduced by each pass, drawing the route of the slip value Zero.


This principle is well applied to the actual production, can significantly improve the wire drawing machine drawing quality. In fact, this principle is particularly suitable for drawing high-performance steel wire, while also reducing energy consumption, mold loss and reduce the wire on the tower wheel wear and so on.


At the same time, the increase in the number of passes has also gradually become the trend of water tank wire drawing machine products. Due to its outstanding advantages in lubrication and cooling, this product is made for many fine-gauge, high-performance steel wires such as steel cord for steel cord, high-pressure hose for steel wire and steel wire for aviation steel rope.


This is because the water tank drawing machine drawing more passes, especially for products with a higher total compression rate of drawing operations, in the drawing process, the wire cooling and lubrication conditions. It is with such excellent features, so the water tank drawing machine most suitable for drawing fine diameter, high strength steel wire.http://www.chinawiredrawingmachine.com