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Performance characteristics and application of straight wire drawing machine

Mar 08, 2018

Straight-wire drawing machine cost is very high, in practical applications, it also has a high work efficiency, can significantly improve product quality. And this straight into the drawing machine in the operation also has no bending, no torsion, strong cooling and other superior performance.


Therefore, it is more and more favored by users in the market. In contrast, straight-fed drawing machine in the production efficiency, production costs, product quality, there is absolute superiority. Under normal circumstances, the device is by the pay-off, drawing and take-up of three parts. The pay-off part is made up of two duckbill-type tape replay lines, each with a maximum capacity of 2.5t. During the operation of the equipment, the tail of one of the billets being used meets the thread of the other spare billets. When the used billets are used up, they are automatically transferred to another disc, so that they can be put on line without stopping .


At the same time in order to meet the different pay-off requirements, in the straight wire drawing machine equipment will be accompanied by a suitable large-market heavy duty word line pay-off device. Its drawing part mainly includes 9 dry drawing unit. Generally in the design, the first drawing unit designed as a pulley, the rest are straight into, so you can achieve non-stop wheel change.


In the drawing process, this straight wire drawing machine transmission system is also very stable and reliable, drawing force larger, the overall compact structure, load capacity. During operation, the unit operates at a low noise level and is very stable with few faults.


Straight wire drawing machine cooling device used by the way is also very powerful. You know, effective cooling is one of the prerequisites for high-speed drawing. The die of this equipment adopts forced water cooling, which can quickly remove the heat of the die, which can ensure the hardness of the die when the straight drawing wire drawing machine is drawing at a high speed. http://www.chinawiredrawingmachine.com