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Copper wire drawing machine equipment maintenance should be done 'three good' and 'four can'

Jan 22, 2018

As the operator of copper wire drawing machine, a series of studies must be carried out before formal operation.Be familiar with the name, type and structure of the copper wire drawing machine, and be familiar with the operation rules, and should be able to do "three good" and "four can".

What does "three good" and "four can" mean?In fact, the so-called three good, mainly refers to the management, use and repair equipment.The four can refer to the common failure of using, checking, maintaining and excluding copper wire drawing machines.

Moreover, in practical application, the operators of the copper wire drawing machine should also know the various lubricating parts and oil requirements of the equipment in advance.And the equipment should be lubricated regularly or in combination with the use of the equipment.Every time before driving, we must follow the fixed add lube,we should form the good habit of not refueling.

Of course, in the process of operation of copper wire drawing machine equipment, the staff also must consciously abide by the operational procedures, and pay attention to check the equipment running status, equipment operation shall not leave without authorization or entrust others during custody.Also, it is better to check the parts that are prone to damage or faults before starting the equipment.

Pay particular attention to that in copper wire drawing machine during the running of equipment on each instrument is within the normal range, if there is a noise during equipment operation, as soon as possible to stop to find the problem ,and timely ask related personnel to check or repair before start.

It is important to remember that the equipment can be used for production operation only when the copper wire drawing machine is repaired and qualified.After finishing the production task, clean the site and copper wire drawing machine before leaving work, take the production record seriously and make the handover work.http://www.chinawiredrawingmachine.com/