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Key points of the inverted vertical drawing machine’s carrying, place and assembly

Jan 20, 2018

For users in the use of the heavy equipment as inverted vertical drawing machine, whether carrying or place, also installation and so on a series of related problems, we often need to follow certain rules to complete.So, what problems should be paid attention to in the process of using inverted vertical drawing machine?Let's see!

For example, after the arrival of a new type of inverted vertical drawing machine, we need to use the equipment to carry it to the designated place of work in the case of a comprehensive inspection and confirmation.In the process of transportation, it is suggested that some lifting vehicles such as driving, crane and forklift should be used.In this process, we need to fix the wire drawing equipment before moving forward.During transportation, attention should be paid to the speed of control, no abrasion or collision.

Similarly, after being transported to a designated location, there is a great deal of attention to the placement of inverted vertical drawing machines.Usually it is best to place the equipment in a ventilated and dry environment, reducing the negative impact of the environment.In addition, it should be kept at a certain distance from other equipment to ensure daily normal use.

Note that in places where there is an inverted vertical drawing machine, the environmental conditions should be ensured and no corrosive gases, chemical sediments and other dangerous substances should be stored around.The last thing to note is the assembly of the device.The proposal should be installed by professional personnel.

In the process of installation, special attention should be paid to control the spacing between the inverted vertical drawing machine and the feeding plate.In the later period of use, if abnormal problems are found, the professional personnel should be asked to repair them in time.In summary, in the process of using the inverted vertical drawing machine, we need to pay attention to the handling, placement and installation, so as to avoid adverse effects on the equipment.http://www.chinawiredrawingmachine.com/