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Functions and features related to the straightening and cutting machine

Feb 07, 2021

Straightening and cutting machine is another name for steel straightening machine. There are many types of straightening and cutting machines, including large, medium and small types. This kind of machinery is generally common in the construction industry and the hardware industry. Its appearance can reduce the workload of the operators and can also avoid many manual errors. The steel bar straightening machine has the characteristics of reasonable structure, convenient operation, safe and reliable, and is suitable for the straightening of chicken cages, rabbit cages, construction mesh, various welding wires, Shule board wire cutting and special-shaped mesh wires.

The functions and characteristics of the straightening and cutting machine are as follows:

First, there is no error in cutting the length of the steel bar. Second, the double-head pull style. Third, the last one meter of steel bar is adjusted and pulled out. Fourth, the construction wire adopts tungsten steel mold. Fifth, the product wire adopts the ball end mold, and the steel bar that is called out will not damage the surface. The working principle of the straightening and cutting machine: First, the speed of the straightening cylinder is increased by the motor through the belt drive, the steel bar passing through the straightening cylinder is straightened, and the rust on the surface of the steel bar is removed by the straightening die; the motor passes through another For the reduction belt drive and gear reduction box, on the one hand, it drives two conveying rollers to pull the steel bars forward, and on the other hand drives the crank wheel to move the hammer head up and down. When the steel bar is adjusted to a predetermined length, the hammer head hits the upper tool post to cut the steel bar. When the cut steel bar falls into the receiving rack, the tool post returns to its original position due to the action of the spring, completing a cycle.