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Daily protection of straightening and cutting machine

Feb 09, 2021

No matter how useful the equipment is and how it is used, it must be protected in time, not to mention the now very expensive steel bar straightening and cutting machine! Therefore, the protection of the steel bar straightening and cutting machine is a problem that all customers need to pay special attention to. , Because the steel bar straightening and cutting machine directly affects the progress of the project and even the quality of the product.

How to properly maintain the steel bar straightening machine is a more important point in the repair of mechanical equipment. The basic repair of the machine must be done in accordance with the parameters of the equipment! The protection of the steel bar cutting machine is to perform basic lubrication of the equipment and oil in time If you replace it, you must also adjust the accuracy of the machine!

The normal operation of mechanical equipment, the daily protection of the equipment, the operation and operation of the fixed parts of the machine, such as car seats, adjustment drum pulleys, feed box pulleys and sprockets, feeding wheels, etc., before each change Do a check. Fixing screw, bearing and adjusting wheel support assembly

It should be cleaned and protected once a month to prevent the heating of the front and rear bearing adjustment cylinders and the left and right rotation adjustment cylinder wires from falling into the dust accumulation. Regularly check and adjust the tightness of the V-belt. After the belt is loosened, the connection screw under the motor base should be adjusted appropriately to keep it tight. During the working process, check whether the temperature and sound of the bearing and oil tank of the steel bar straightening and cutting machine are normal. If the temperature is too high or the sound is abnormal, stop the machine for repair immediately.

Outstanding equipment protection and maintenance will have a fundamental impact on the operation of the equipment, and will affect the quality of steel processing products and construction progress! Therefore, we must maintain and overhaul in normal operations, and we must deal with any problems in time. , So as to ensure the follow-up work.