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Advantages of no pickling derusting machine

Feb 11, 2021

The advantages of the pickling-free rust remover are as follows:

1. High production efficiency: the application of the pickling-free wire drawing rust remover replaces the traditional multi-processes such as shelling, pickling, washing, coating, phosphating, saponification, and drying, and continuous production greatly reduces the production links , Shorten the production cycle, reduce production costs, and significantly improve production efficiency.

2. Excellent product quality: As there is no residual acid or salt on the surface of the steel wire, the occurrence of "hydrogen embrittlement" is fundamentally avoided. After the steel wire is derusted, the surface has no oil stains, and the drawing is bright and long-lasting stainless steel (up to 6 Month stainless), which is conducive to the processing of subsequent procedures.

3. Easy to operate: the degree of rust removal can be conveniently adjusted and controlled at any time during production. The adjustment handwheel is used for operation, and the instrument display is configured. It is intuitive, quick to take effect, no need to stop the experiment, which is beneficial to timely control of quality, rust removal room and transmission and adjustment The mechanism is isolated and sealed, the equipment has a long service life, and the adjustment, repair and maintenance are very convenient.

4. Good environmental protection effect and low overall cost: no acid, water, coal is consumed in production, and environmental pollution caused by acid mist, waste acid and wastewater is eliminated, which saves pollution control expenses. The workshop is clean, dust-free, and does not endanger the health of employees , The production efficiency is high, and the cost saved after several months of use can recover the investment.