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Operating procedures for straightening and cutting machine

Feb 05, 2021

1. According to the diameter of the straightened steel bar, select the appropriate straightening block, pulling wheel groove and transmission speed. The diameter of the straightening block should be 2~5mm larger than the diameter of the steel bar, and the groove width of the traction sheave is the same as the diameter of the straightened steel bar. 

2. Adjustment of the straightening block. There are five straightening blocks in the general straightening cylinder. The first and fifth straightening blocks must be placed on the center line, and the middle three can be off the center line. First offset the steel bar by an offset of about 3mm. After trial adjustment, if the steel bar is still bending slowly, gradually increase the offset until it is straightened. 

3. After cutting off three or four steel bars, you need to stop the machine to check whether the length is appropriate. If there is a deviation, you can adjust the limit switch or the fixed-length plate until it is suitable. 

5. Before the straightening block is fixed and the protective cover is not covered, the steel bars shall not be penetrated to prevent the straightening block from flying out and hurting people after the machine is started. 

6. No objects are allowed to be stacked on the machine to prevent mechanical vibration objects from falling into the body. The steel bars are loaded into the roller, and the hand and the roller should be kept a certain distance. The roller must not be adjusted while the machine is running, and it is strictly prohibited to operate with gloves. 

7. When the steel bar is adjusted to the end, personnel must avoid it to prevent it from being shaken and injured. The straightening of steel bars shorter than 2m or greater than 9mm in diameter should be processed at low speed.