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The working principle of the straightening and cutting machine

Feb 03, 2021

Straightening machine is sometimes called straight wire machine by people, because most of the time it is straightening processing of steel wire, so it is named after this. The main structural components of the straightening machine are straightening cylinder, traction mechanism, cutting mechanism, steel fixed-length frame, frame and driving device.

The working principle of the straightening machine: the motor drives the belt drive, and can make the straightening drum rotate at a high speed, so that the steel bar passing through the straightening drum is straightened, and the rust on the surface of the steel bar is removed; the motor is driven by another pair of reduction belts and gears. The reduction box can drive two conveying rollers, which can pull the steel bar to move forward. On the other hand, it drives the crank wheel to drive the hammer head to move up and down. When the steel bar is adjusted to a predetermined length, the hammer will hit the upper tool holder to cut the steel bar. When the cut steel bar falls into the receiving rack, it will be subjected to the elastic force of the spring, and the tool table will return to its original position. Completed a work cycle. The working characteristics of the straightening machine mainly include the neat cut and small error, and the straightening effect is good.