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Factors for stable operation of wire drawing machine

Nov 15, 2020

For producers, in the process of drawing operations using wire drawing machine equipment, they all hope that the equipment can always maintain a stable state. So, how can we meet this requirement? In fact, in order to ensure the stable operation of the wire drawing machine equipment, there are actually many methods that can be used, and at the same time, some requirements are put forward for the users of the wire drawing machine equipment.

If you want to keep the wire drawing machine equipment in a stable production state, you must first ensure the rationality of its installation. When installing the equipment, it is necessary to ensure that the installation foundation is very stable to avoid vibration; and during installation, debugging is also required to ensure that the drawing axis of the wire is symmetrical to the center line of the die hole, so that the wire and The stress of the drawing die is uniform.

The second is to ensure the rationality of the operation during the production of the wire drawing machine. This requires that when drawing operations are carried out on site, the operator should operate in a standardized manner, and should avoid starting and stopping frequently as much as possible, because the friction caused by the tensile stress at the start of the drawing is much greater than the friction during the normal drawing. , This is bound to increase the wear of the mold. Moreover, before drawing, proper pretreatment of the wire is required, usually surface pretreatment and heat treatment.

In addition to these, some other methods can also be used. For example, during the operation of wire drawing machine equipment, attention should be paid to detecting it. Generally, the operation status can be monitored by detecting changes in voltage and current. Everyone should know that during the operation of the equipment, any fluctuations may directly affect the control effect of its operation. Therefore, we can also improve its operating status from the control aspect.

Based on this theory, we can improve the control system of wire drawing machine equipment, or add a corresponding inverter. In this way, by detecting the current on the DC side of the inverter, the change in the load of the equipment can be fed back to find a certain control law. In the wire drawing machine, the AC frequency converter is used for speed regulation, so that the speed regulation progress can be improved and the process can be satisfied.