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Structural device of wire drawing machine

Nov 13, 2020

For a typical wire drawing machine equipment, its structural devices mainly include: winding head, wire arranging device, wire arranging device, drum changing device, oil mist lubrication device, pneumatic device, spray device and machine Head brake device, etc. Different structural devices have different functions. For example, in the winding machine head, the joint part of the machine head spindle and the machine head body adopts conical meshing and positioning to maintain the rotation accuracy of the machine head.

Under normal circumstances, the entire head of the wire drawing machine is made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel. When the machine head rotates at high speed, under the action of centrifugal force, the expansion block will support the winding drum, and the fiber is wound on the surface of the winding drum. When the winding ends, the machine head stops rotating, the centrifugal force disappears and the rising block falls freely to unload the drum. Similarly, the arranging device is also a very important part. The movement of the spiral wire arranging shaft includes rotation and reciprocation.

In the wire drawing machine equipment, the barrel changing device also plays an important role. Everyone should know that, in fact, the drum changing device is driven by the drum changing motor and the air cylinder, so that the rotation is located in the proper winding and pulling position. The motor drives the turret rotor through the reduction gear and chain until the head position detection sensor detects the stop; then the turret positioning cylinder moves to make the turret rotor rotate at the designated position and firmly clamp the stop block.

In this way, it is possible to ensure that the wire drawing machine equipment maintains a normal operating state. The oil mist lubrication device mainly provides oil mist, which refers to the oil particles suspended in the high-speed air jet. The oil mist lubrication device introduces the dry compressed air from the compressed air pipeline into the oil mist generator, and uses the compressed air carrier to use the venturi and vortex effect to atomize the lubricating oil into fine oil particles suspended in the high-speed air jet. The oil mist is delivered to each lubrication point.

Finally, the head brake device also plays an important role in the operation of the wire drawing machine. Under normal circumstances, the braking system of the wire drawing machine equipment should maintain a good braking effect with stable and reliable performance. Only in this way can we obtain high-quality wire products.