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Copper wire drawing machine industry distribution and debugging and operation

Jun 08, 2018

Copper wire drawing machine is very common in wire and cable industry and metal building materials industry applications, and it is one of the major equipments for the processing of similar wire products. Copper wire drawing machine equipment generally has impact load characteristics, requiring a large starting torque, low speed full torque output characteristics. In a wire drawing machine system, multiple high-speed precision proportional linkage control is generally required, and the drive device requires a relatively high load.


1. About copper wire drawing machine structure and classification:

The main function of the copper wire drawing machine is to process the copper wire into thin wires of different specifications according to the requirements. It is generally composed of pay-off line, water cooling, take-up line, and cable arrangement, among which, the electric drive part is mainly driven by a pay-off motor. The line motor and the line motor constitute. In terms of type, it can be divided into large puller, medium puller, small puller, and micro puller. And from the internal control of the equipment and structure, it can be divided into water tanks, pulleys, straight forward and other major types.


In actual operation, the debugging of the copper wire drawing machine is very necessary. Generally, the circuit of the device is first checked, and the power switch is closed after the confirmation. Then start the main motor and turn the FM potentiometer to start the motor running. Check whether the motor running direction is consistent with the direction required by the machine. Run the machine for 30 minutes to see if the machine is running normally, and if there is abnormal noise, if there is abnormal noise Stop for inspection and adjustment.


It should be noted that during the operation of the copper wire drawing machine, the worker needs to pay special attention to the operating parameters of the control equipment. When the wire drawing tower pulls the wire, different lubricants should be used according to different materials. The alkaline solution was used for the drawn copper wire, and the oil solution was selected for the aluminum wire and the aluminum-magnesium alloy wire.


For example, when drawing a copper wire drawing machine, it is recommended that self-spraying or spray lubrication be used. In contrast, when using spray lubrication, the user should increase the access to the pipeline and the pump. The user arranges the position of the copper wire drawing machine and the piping line and layout of the power supply line depending on the conditions of the workshop.http://www.chinawiredrawingmachine.com/