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In-line wire drawing machine simplifies threading

Jun 07, 2018

With regard to the use of the in-line wire drawing machine equipment, the drawing die needs to be configured according to the diameter of the drawn wire, the material characteristics of the wire, and the configured lubricant solution. That is to say, in the process of drawing the wire drawing machine using the in-line drawing machine, it is necessary to adjust the mold of the molding table in strict accordance with the diameter of the drawing wire to achieve the purpose of the user's desired wire diameter.


We know that in the current market, due to the different actual working conditions and production requirements, many different types and structural forms of wire drawing machine equipment have emerged. The special feature of the in-line drawing machine is that it simplifies the threading process. In comparison, the pulley type, double reel type, and plug-in type wire drawing machines all have large number of over-travel guide wheels and cannot draw large-size steel wires and hard materials.


In order to solve this problem, in-line drawing machine came into being. The advantage of using this type of wire drawing machine is that, after winding the wire on the front roll for a few turns, it can be directly fed into the next wire drawing die and wound on the next roll without passing through any wire guide pulley. The middle wire is linear. It adopts DC drag like the trapezoidal type, and adapts the machine extension coefficient to the actual elongation factor of the steel wire by automatically adjusting the speed of the intermediate reel.


Therefore, in view of the operating characteristics of the in-line drawing machine equipment, after the worker adjusts it to the normal operating state, the machine's compression ratio of the equipment is equal to the process compression ratio. For users, the advantage of this device is that the threading is simple and the wire is not twisted and bent at a small radius during the drawing process.


However, some problems need to be noticed when using this drawing equipment. Normally, a straight wire drawing machine is used to draw coarse wire, but it is not recommended that the drawn wire be too fine. Therefore, in the actual operation, we need to select a suitable in-line drawing machine according to the specific production requirements. In the same way, it needs to be maintained and maintained during use so that its performance can be fully utilized.http://www.chinawiredrawingmachine.com/