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Inverted drawing machine energy-saving protection method

Jun 06, 2018

Due to the fact that the actual production situation is more complicated, which will involve such or such factors, the operation of inverted wire drawing machine equipment also needs to pay attention. One of the more common problems is that with the operation of inverted wire drawing machine equipment, the drawing die used by it is prone to wear.


Once such a situation occurs, it will inevitably have a negative impact on the operation and operation of the inverted drawing machine equipment. For example, it may cause excessive load or unstable operation. This will also increase the energy consumption of the equipment. It will even affect the quality of the product. Not only that, when the load on the equipment increases, the reverse pull force on the equipment increases.


In severe cases, wire breakage problems may occur frequently. From the perspective of production, this will not only result in a huge waste of resources, reduce the output and pass rate of products, but also increase energy consumption, leading to a significant increase in costs. In view of this situation, how do you make adjustments to protect higher work efficiency? In fact, ensuring higher work efficiency also achieves the goal of energy saving to some extent and reduces production costs.


For the user, in the actual operation of inverted wire drawing machine equipment, some effective preventive measures can be taken to improve the stability of the equipment. For example, we can detect the voltage and current signals generated during the operation of the control system by detecting the control system, so that we can also understand the amount of change in its load. Then we can make appropriate adjustments according to the changes in its load.