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Analysis of Inverter Control Principle of Linear Drawing Machine

Jun 11, 2018

In practical work, the control of the straight-feed wire drawing machine showed the features of concise configuration, clear logic, and reduced cost after the frequency conversion speed control was applied. Next, we will briefly introduce the application of the inverter on the straight wire drawing machine equipment.


Metal products are an important part of the metallurgical industry. In the current field of metal processing, straight-feed wire drawing machines belong to a common device. In particular, with the advancement of process technology and the widespread use of frequency converters, variable frequency control has begun to be used in a large number of wire drawing machines, and it is possible to achieve drawing type setting, operation automation, production process control, real-time closed-loop control, and automation through PLC. Meters and other functions.


In comparison, after adopting the frequency conversion speed regulation, the energy saving effect of the in-line wire drawing machine equipment is better and the production technology is better. Its speed range is 30:1 during normal operation and at the same time provides more than 1.5 times rated torque at 5% rated speed. In the process of reforming the frequency conversion control system of the inverter, the drafting of the stainless steel wire from the finish rolling is mainly carried out. The technical requirements for the design are as follows:


Under normal circumstances, the maximum drawing speed of the equipment is 600 meters per minute; there are three main types of processing; no more than two emergency stop breaks. The in-line drawing machine is one of the most difficult to control in the drawing machine. Since it is a multi-motor that stretches the wire at the same time, the operation efficiency is high. Unlike the tank drawing machines and trap type wire drawing machines that were often encountered in the past, it is allowed to slip between various molds. At the same time, it has high requirements on the synchronization of the motor and the rapidity of the dynamic response.


In addition, the stainless steel material itself is relatively brittle, lacks toughness, and is prone to broken filaments during the drawing process. In the straight-feeding drawing machine equipment, there are six drums with a diameter of 400 mm in the wire drawing section. A cylinder swing arm for detecting the position is installed between each drum, and a displacement sensor can be used to detect the position of the swing arm. When the wire is pulled tight, it will exert pressure on the air cylinder of the swing arm so that the swing arm will move downwards. http://www.chinawiredrawingmachine.com/