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Analysis of safety standard for inverted wire drawing machine

Jul 11, 2018

Before the inverted wire drawing machine is started, the staff needs to check whether the lubrication points are fully lubricated, whether the gas path and water pressure are normal, and whether there is a wire frame on the car. Then turn on the power, start the AC main motor, and let the inverted wire drawing machine perform the no-load test run to check if there is any problem.


During the start of the inverted wire drawing machine, care should be taken to control the speed and gradually increase to the running speed of the production. Operators should wear gloves when working to prevent burns on their hands or affect the quality of the product. During the operation of the equipment, it is also necessary to check and confirm that the amplitude of the belt is within the specified range, and whether there are other problems. If there is any problem, it should be handled in time.


Note that in the production process of the inverted wire drawing machine, the staff should control the working pressure and must not exceed the red line to avoid danger or accident. It cannot be repaired while the inverted wire drawing machine is in operation. If it is not used for a long time, its main power supply should be turned off.