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Design features and two systems of high speed water tank wire drawing machine

Jul 12, 2018

The main advantages of high-speed water tank wire drawing machines can be summarized as: high efficiency, energy saving and stability. In comparison, high-speed water tank wire drawing machines can maintain a high rate during operation, resulting in high production efficiency, which is mainly due to innovative design and standardized manufacturing processes to ensure that the water tanker does not leak water for three years.


Secondly, in the production, the high-speed water tank drawing machine is specially used in the box-type welding machine, which is safe, environmentally friendly and beautiful, ensuring high-speed drawing and stable and reliable. And the machine uses all-digital logic control, man-machine dialogue, status display, information query and so on. Under normal circumstances, the tension of the equipment is tidy, the meter is correct, and the wire is linear. Together with special design and control, it can meet the winding requirements of various specifications of the wheel.


In the water tank drawing machine, there are two major systems, namely the cooling system and the tension system. The former belongs to the tower wheel lubricating fluid submerged cooling, the traction wheel hollow circulating water cooling, suitable for high speed drawing. The tension system is composed of a fixed wheel set and a pulley block, the tension cylinder is adjustable, and a two-color protective cover that does not rotate is installed.