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System characteristics of straight wire drawing machine

Jul 13, 2018

The straight-through wire drawing machine adopts a complex tension control system. The system is mainly controlled by a frequency converter. The PLC only performs logic control and main speed control, thus reducing the contact between the PLC system and the system hardware. The straight-through wire drawing machine has a simpler structure and a lower correlation relationship, which makes operation and maintenance more convenient. At the same time, the control effect is better and the equipment operation is more stable.


In the process of drawing, the straight-through wire drawing machine is controlled by a current vector control inverter, and thus has the characteristics of low frequency torque and no dead speed dead zone. The low-speed 1Hz rated torque is output smoothly, and there is no material consumption in the die-piercing and test machine. That is to say, the system has the characteristics of stable low-speed die-drawing speed, smooth starting process and stable high-speed operation.


In actual work, the tension balance bar of the straight-through wire drawing machine can be started up whether it is at the lower limit, the center position or the upper limit position. Moreover, the straight-through wire drawing machine system also has the function of automatically tracking the wire drawing speed, so the tension balance bar is basically maintained at the midpoint position, and the swinging amplitude is small.