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Application of Frequency Conversion Speed Control System in Straight Line Wire Drawing Machine

Jul 03, 2018

For the control of the in-line drawing machine, the variable frequency speed control system can be used. In this way, there will be obvious energy-saving effect in the drawing process. In addition, the in-line drawing machine adopts frequency conversion speed regulation with the features of concise configuration and clear logic. Next we briefly introduce its application features.


In the production operation, the stainless steel wire that has been rolled out is mainly drafted using a straight wire drawing machine. In fact, the control of this type of wire drawing machine is more difficult because it is the multiple wire motors that stretch the wire at the same time and the work efficiency is high. At the same time, it has high requirements on the synchronization of the motor and the rapidity of the dynamic response. Due to the relatively brittle nature of stainless steel materials, the lack of toughness such as high carbon steel wire or steel cords is relatively easy to break during operation.


After adopting the variable frequency speed control system, the system logic control of the straight-feed wire drawing machine is mainly realized by the PLC. In other words, not only the control level of the in-line drawing machine is improved, but also the synchronization control is realized directly inside the inverter, and does not depend on the external control.