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Advantages of inverted wire drawing machine

Sep 11, 2020

There are many types of wire drawing machines. Compared with ordinary wire drawing machines, the inverted wire drawing machine has more complete functions. Because the inverted wire has the dual functions of wire drawing and wire winding, it will be more convenient for customers to use and reduce parts cost of.

There are also obvious differences in the structure between the two. The inverted structure is more complicated, but the structure is complex but the mechanism is still well coordinated; the common ones are relatively simple, and the common main structures include motors and reducer coils. The composition of the tube and the frame; the difficulty of the composition is also different between the two, the inverted structure is complicated, the assembly is also complicated, the maintenance and use are also complicated, and the maintenance requirements for the equipment are relatively high. The maintenance manual developed by the manufacturer is used for maintenance; the ordinary one is relatively simpler.

The inverted type can be set to different processing speeds according to the actual processing requirements, which is simple and safe to operate; the ordinary type is a bit low in price and occupies a relatively small area. When the equipment is drawing the wire, there will be problems such as scratches, bruises and scratches on the surface; when there is a jumper on the tower, it is necessary to trim the surface of the tower wheel and correct the angle in time; when there is a groove mold on the tower Need to remove Talun before repairing.

When the take-up wire is rubbed against the side of the take-up reel, it is necessary to adjust the width of the reel and level the side of the reel. If a certain part of the equipment causes damage to the wire, it needs to be repaired and adjusted in time. When there is a bump between the wire reels, it is necessary to place the wire reels in a "T" shape. The bumps between the spools need to be repaired and the floor needs to be repaired, and a serious and responsible attitude should be maintained to prevent the overfilling of the wire.