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Stranding Machine Common Fault Analysis

Jan 14, 2017

Any equipment are has rated of work range, as beyond has rated of range on will appeared equipment exception, in had big of grid fluctuations effect Xia twisted line machine of controller, and frequency device, and sensor will appeared exception, main performance for controller no output signal, frequency device appeared had pressure or owes pressure alarm, for grid of check can with oscilloscope check grid voltage waveform, found grid fluctuations had big, on should take corresponding of measures avoid equipment appeared exception.

Conventional treatment is by adding stranding machine power input AC voltage stabilizer.

Stranding machine control system when the power on self test, detection perimeter sensor signal is normal, starts working correctly depending on the cable system's location sensor and signal input button on the operator panel, the sensors signal controller displays an error code when an exception occurs, signal detection tool is needed to judge the external button, troubleshooting controller you can boot normally.

Twisted line machine is set electrical control and the precision mechanical for one of electrical equipment, so on environment and supporting power of requirements is high, due to factory power of load features decided has exists series of impact and interference, which most common of is electromagnetic interference, twisted line machine by its interference often occurred frequently downtime, set of parameter not save or chaos, site, short time within on equipment is no effect of, but twisted line machine long-term by had big of grid interference pulse, makes controller internal of components early of occurred aging and the fault,.

Under normal circumstances, stranding machines separate supply or installation of capacitors, can solve this problem.

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