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Extrusion Machine For Safe Operation

Jan 14, 2017

Extrusion machine safety operation regulation

I. the operator must be familiar with the procedures, examinations, put on protective equipment in order to operate this equipment.

II. production preparation

1. open the airport operator should check the equipment before each part of the lubrication of the unit, transmission, electrical control, found the problem to find timely and relevant personnel. a variety of production tools to complete, measuring to proofread accurately.

2. product selection tool and adjusted the mode spacing.

3. to start the heating system 2-3 hours in advance, the paragraphs should make it according to the process set temperature, preventing the temperature is too high or too high.

4. to check the quality of the semi-finished products in accordance with process before, there should be no oil, water, cable and so on. view the project name DVD-card, pay attention to the operating, the label must have procedures on inspection and approval before production.

5. According to the product ready to fit the length of the production line, and check for worn head-free coil the hole.

6. ready to rope, and airport to observe the oil pump pressure, pressure, traction speed line charge cable rotation, automatic feeding device, heat control system, electrical switches, water circulation, known issues before they can drive.

III. open airport

1. Add qualified plastic Hopper, open the gate, start the screw run gum. operators should pay attention to feeding, observe the pressure screw, note the screw gear box without exception within the barrel ring. operators are not allowed to leave the machine to prevent the occurrence of problems.

2. after the plastic from the die extrusion, to observe the plastification of plastics, plastic to plastic when Zambia began to die, regulation uniform thickness of the plastic to prevent deviation of plastic layer.

3. the sampling check the thickness of the plastic in accordance with process and check the plastic extrusion quality, such as pores, Chlamydia trachomatis, plasticized, knots and other impurities, stomata of the cross-section should not be visible to the naked eye.

4. all the normal situation, after the production can meet the technological requirements, should actively organize open airport while driving to Division operations and close cooperation.

5. wear lead semi-finished products and wire should be securely attached to prevent open, connection must be tight to prevent cable inlet, connector to have someone look at the sink.

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