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Install Wire Drawing Machine And Introduction

Jan 14, 2017

Wire drawing equipment consists of 10 separate wire drawing machine. Each machine has its own individual reducer, motor, belt drive, brushed, screw, and so on. Take-up by double-disc collection line, driven by a torque motor, take-up reels through torque controller to control the speed and tension. Cable system uses light bars variable cable, wire-drawing machines wire cage natural frame, wire drawing machine control system consists of 10 inverters through single-action linkage potentiometers to control the speed of the wire drawing machine, wire drawing machine of wire drawing lubrication from a dedicated circulating oil systems.

Wire drawing machine installation requirements:

1, familiar with the machinery and skilled workers to install the equipment.

2, circular pipe has been installed according to the requirements.

3, motor, electrical appliances must be earthed well as required.

4, wearing a model leader when foot switch is used to use.

Wire drawing unit also available in 6, 8 1 group can be set according to the user needs. If the plant area of licensing, interval distance of 200~400mm the two machines, but 10 units of a minimum length of 12 meters. Equipment installed by the Foundation. Check the bearing lubricant is sufficient, the transmission into gear oil up to the amount, check for loose screws, wire drawing line screen part is smooth, switch is the turn, checked again on production.

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