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Importance Of Nail-nail Cutter And Position Adjustments

Jan 14, 2017

In the process of making nails, nail every part of the machine will play its due role, cooperation under the reasonable and efficient preparations make perfect nails. For the entire nail making machine, shearing mechanism is one of the most important aspects of the job, use nail cutters, in order to achieve the objective of cutting nails.

Luoyang best business nail machine supply manufacturers introduced, nail knife is located in business nail machine left, and right II side axis of inside, due to its left, and right sides confrontation and rod end and side axis cam connected, another end and scissors sliding block connected, so around side axis Shang of cam of rotating of when on will affects scissors sliding block, can makes nail knife for left, and right roundtrip movement.

But if the nail location is not reasonable circumstances, shearing operations can finish it so smooth? So before the operation to adjust the nail cutter, just rotate the corresponding screw scissors can be adjusted before or after location, location as well as oblique wedge, nail cutters for the best position.

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