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Several Problems And Solutions Of Laser Cutting Machine Reset

Jun 26, 2017

Laser cutting machine is a process commonly used in industrial production of a processing equipment, in the promotion of productivity in the use of the process there will be some headaches, especially the laser cutting machine reset is not normal. Here on a simple description of the laser cutting machine is not normal reset several solutions.

1. Check the laser cutting machine sensor is sticky, poor contact or damage. Wipe the dust on the sensor or replace it;

2. Check if the flexible conduction band data cable is bad or damaged. Trim the data lines to re-plug or replace the data lines;

3. Check whether the ground contact is reliable or whether the high voltage line is damaged. Should be re-ground or replace the high-voltage lines;

4. The motor line is in poor contact. Should be re-plug or replace.

Laser cutting machine laser generator. For the laser machine, in addition to a few occasions using YAG solid-state lasers, the vast majority of laser cutting machine with high efficiency of electro-optical conversion and can output higher power CO2 gas lasers. Laser cutting machine CNC cutting machine. Industrial production, sometimes encountered the need to cut three-dimensional components of the problem, the laser cutting machine and the general two-axis, three-axis laser cutting machine can only cut two-dimensional plane workpiece, which requires equipped with a robot cutting machine, ,laser cutter.

Laser cutting machine common problems are as follows:

1, the machine is not running (no cooling or pump does not work). Check if the power cord is connected to the power plug; check that the power switch is on; check that the panel power is on.

2, the pump can not work properly. Check the fluid level of the entire system to ensure that the pump is receiving liquid; check the pump motor for operation; check the circulatory system for clogging;

3, the pump suction is insufficient. Check if the voltage is too low; check if the tube diameter is too small; check if the fluid viscosity is too high; check the coupling pipe is limited.

4, no refrigeration or cooling. Check whether the temperature is too low or too high; check the ventilation is blocked; check the ambient temperature (too high ambient temperature will cause the refrigerant compressor short-term shutdown); check whether too much heat is transferred to the cooling liquid, because this Will exceed the cooling capacity of the refrigeration system.