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Analysis Of The Relationship Between Drawing Speed And Drawing Force Of Drawing Machine

Jun 26, 2017

Practice tells us that the drawing machine drawing speed and pull force can not be improved at the same time, in improving the equipment operating speed, pull force will be reduced. Why is there such a state? Xiao Bian for everyone to analyze the reasons.

To say the root of the words, because the speed of the drawing machine at the same time, its lubrication conditions have also been improved, thereby reducing the friction coefficient, so to overcome the external friction and additional shear deformation required force will also be reduced, which will make Drawing force has also been reduced. In fact, this way, or good, at least drawing machine safety system will improve a lot.

But the drawing machine drawing speed can not be too high, otherwise the device starts the moment the wire is easy to pull off, even if you want to use high-speed drawing machine, it should also pay attention to configure the appropriate speed control device, and to ensure that the operation process Of the steady acceleration to ensure that the drawing operation can be carried out normally.

The wide range of wire drawing machines is also a matter of course for our study, drawing machine temperature control, because at a certain degree of operating temperature this material will become smaller. How to deal with more appropriate? This affirms and the nature of the material, if the drawing machine temperature after it can withstand more, the form of temperature and performance will change. Therefore, in the operation, the information on the parts of the temperature adjustment, without the use of additives in the case of temperature must be increased to a certain extent, the speed is slow, it will not be affected by the sudden rise. So that it must be thorough, comprehensive, and how to use, as well as the ability to solve the problem, so as not to affect the final quality of the drawing is very good and can be used more widely in the future using wire drawing machines.