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The Application And Advantages Of Wire Drawing Machine Cable Industry

Jul 06, 2017

The machine is mainly used in the machinery industry, can be called Wire Drawing Machine or cable machine, is one of the important products of the website, including various types. So, in addition to the previous things, what should we know and understand? Here, give a specific answer right away so that we can in their learning, progress and development.

Wet Wire Drawing Machine and oil mill Wire Drawing Machine, where the two Wire Drawing Machine is different?

Wet Wire Drawing Machine, can be understood as oil tank Wire Drawing Machine, the use of lubricating oil drawing, is a water-soluble drawing oil and mold, immersed in the drawing oil. Oil mill, its lubricants, for drawing powder or vegetable oil. So, these two Wire Drawing Machine is different.

2. Does the operation and maintenance personnel of the Wire Drawing Machine cooperate with each other? Moreover, the Wire Drawing Machine for the cable industry, the specific application is what?

Wire Drawing Machine on the operation and maintenance personnel to work with each other is started. As for the Wire Drawing Machine in the cable industry in the specific application, mainly in the copper wire drawing, the copper wire into a variety of filaments for subsequent use or use, and then help complete the cable manufacturing process.

3. Plastic Wire Drawing Machine, is a Wire Drawing Machine?

Plastic Wire Drawing Machine, currently in the market, there is no exhaust energy-saving plastic Wire Drawing Machine, from the property point of view, is a large number of Wire Drawing Machine. Its main feature is in the Wire Drawing Machine barrel has an exhaust port, do not need mixing mixer, plastic can produce aspirated water. Therefore, the finished product has a smooth surface, uniform thickness and so on, easy to break.