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Main Structure And Characteristics Of Copper Wire Drawing Machine

Dec 29, 2017

The copper wire drawing machine is also commonly referred to as the drawing machine equipment, which is widely used in the industrial field.Especially in machinery manufacturing, hardware processing and other industries it’s an indispensable important production equipment.Copper wire drawing machine can be regarded as a standard piece of metal products pre-processing equipment.

Normally, we use copper wire drawing machine to produce all kinds of standard parts of the factory, such as copper wire or rod through copper wire drawing machine.After processing, it can make the diameter of wire or rod, roundness, internal metallurgical structure, surface finish and straightening degrees are required for standard parts and other metal products production of raw materials processing requirements.

It can be learned that copper wire drawing machine is very important for the pretreatment effect of copper wire and rod.Because it will directly affect the quality of products made by metal products such as standard parts.

In addition, the speed of copper wire drawing machine is relatively fast in actual production, which is mainly used for drawing copper wire of different specifications.According to the structure, the main electrical transmission part of the equipment is composed of the drafting motor, the wire motor, the line motor and so on.

Also there are many other auxiliary components in the equipment of copper wire drawing machine, its auxiliary system is mainly composed of swing rod, positioning wheel, dividing line wheel and rearrangement line rod.In the role of traction motor drive, the wire drawing wheel runs by level 4 wire drawing wheel through a belt to realize the metal wire drawing both take-up motor winding.

The above briefly introduces the main structure and characteristics of the copper wire drawing machine, and hopes it could help you better to understand the equipment.http://www.chinawiredrawingmachine.com/