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The Surface Oxidation’s Reasons And Countermeasures Of The Copper Wire Which Made By Copper Wire Drawing Machine

Dec 28, 2017

Due to the stable performance of copper wire drawing machine, it is very popular among users in the market.But it's also hard to avoid small problems during everyday operations.For example, in the process of using the copper wire drawing machine, some users found that the surface of the wire drawing was oxidized.How did this happen?

In fact, the main reasons for such a situation can be considered and analyzed in three aspects.

1.The cooling water used in the sealed chamber might be too hot.Usually when sealed chamber of the cooling water temperature is over 40 ℃, the cooling effect of will drop greatly, then after annealing the temperature of copper wire which made by copper wire drawing machine is still very high .So it's easy to oxidize when you're exposed to oxygen in the air

2.Probably during the running of copper wire drawing machine , because of the sealing liquid cooling in the indoor add by saponification liquid content inadequate copper wire and obviously increase the various friction between the wheel and make copper wire’s temperature rise again, eventually cause copper wire’s surface oxidation.

3. Also maybe due in copper wire drawing machine in the process of operation, the seal of indoor cooling water pressure is too small or the water is not enough, the cooling effect of copper wire cannot get satisfaction, and thus prone to oxidation after contact with air.So what shall we do for these problems?

First, in the process of using the copper wire drawing machine, the operator needs to check regularly whether the cooling circulation system is running normally and the cooling effect is normal.Second, after a period of time of using copper wire drawing machine , we should be added to improve the saponification liquid concentration of substances, so that we can change the saponification liquid content in the cooling water, so that the copper wire receive adequate cooling.http://www.chinawiredrawingmachine.com/