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Four Measures For Noise Treatment Of Inverted Wire Drawing Machine

Sep 30, 2017

In the modern industrial production process, the most troublesome problem is the noise. We all know that noise will cause great interference to the surrounding environment. In the drawing shop of the factory, the vertical Wire Drawing Machine often sends out the big noise, which not only has the big influence to the workshop worker, but also has the serious negative influence to the work environment on the scene.

Of course, this is also a manufacturer to achieve clean production goals in the process of an urgent need to solve a problem. So how do we deal with this problem? The noise emitted during the operation of the vertical Wire Drawing Machine is the main source of noise. Among them, the more serious is the gear when the meshing noise. In general, when the gear meshing surface appears more serious wear, or the gear assembly gap is too large, then will cause a greater noise problem.

Therefore, in response to this situation, we must work in the process of daily adjustment of the gear side of the tooth side of the gap, so that it is suitable, and to ensure that all the gears to be fully lubricated. In addition, if the inverted Wire Drawing Machine equipment, hood appears loose, then there will be a large noise.

In addition, in the process of pouring Wire Drawing Machine operation, especially after the drawing process, the need to take the line when the collection device may also be the first serious noise, this time, we should Note: As long as the collision with the φ3 copper wire and the emergence of a larger noise parts should be used for PTFE pads to achieve the purpose of reducing noise and noise reduction.

Of course, in the course of the operation, we can also ask the site staff wearing earplugs and other anti-noise protective gear, which can also reduce the vertical Wire Drawing Machine equipment noise generated by the harm.