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What Is The Best Thing To Use A Waterjet Cutting Machine?

Sep 30, 2017

Cutting is a very common operating process, if you want to process the material, it will often be used. As the cutting method and cutting tools are more, so to look at when what tools should be used in order to obtain good processing results. And water knife cutting machine will be used in what circumstances?

One is that when the use of milling methods will produce a lot of waste when it will consider the use of waterjet cutting machine to reduce waste reduction, because it can complete the whole piece of cutting, will not produce waste, making the material is fully utilized. The other is when the use of ordinary cutting tools too slow, the water knife to mention the words not only to speed up, but also get better cutting results.

Although the laser and plasma cutting machine are good equipment, but they have a great limit on the cutting thickness, when the heat caused by the adverse zone, consider the choice of waterjet cutting. There is also a situation, that is, do not want to produce toxic gas when cutting, no secondary processing, do not want to produce thermal effects or deformation or micro-cracks, but also in the cutting of flammable or explosive materials in the flammable and explosive environment, Waterjet cutting machine is the best choice.