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What are the consequences of improper operation of the inverted wire drawing machine?

Sep 05, 2019

If the set compression ratio does not meet the requirements when operating the inverted wire drawing machine, it is easy to cause scratches or cracks in the wire drawing die. As we all know, there is a certain internal stress in the material itself, so in the process of drawing, the internal stress generated can actually improve the internal structure. However, if the compression ratio of the wire surface exceeds the normal value, it will cause the wear and tear to affect the service life of the mold.

The second common problem is that when the operator operates the inverted wire drawing machine, the position of the material and the die hole is not adjusted to a suitable state, which causes stress on the material and the wire drawing die. Big and small, very unstable. In such a state, the device is also prone to impact, and also causes high stress peaks on the wire and the wire drawing die, which also increases the wear of the mold.

The third more common problem is that there are some problems with the materials used. For example, in the process of drawing, the surface of the wire we used is not smooth, and even contaminated with other impurities such as oxide layer and sand. This will also increase the degree of wear of the wire drawing die of the inverted wire drawing machine. In addition, it may cause scratches on the surface of the wire.

In addition to the several situations described above, there is another reason that needs to be brought to our attention. That is, when operating the inverted wire drawing machine, it should also ensure that the lubrication quality is good. Otherwise, it will also cause serious damage to the mold in a short time.