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Reasons for the problem of wire drawing machine disconnection and countermeasures

Sep 06, 2019

One reason is that the joint is not strong. If this is the case, then we should adjust the parameters such as the current, top pressure and power-on time of the welder in time to improve the welding quality. The second reason is due to the wire used. Contains some inclusions, which causes the wire drawn by the wire drawing machine to break. If this is the case, then we should strengthen the acceptance management of the production of billets.

The third reason is that the selected model does not meet the requirements for use. For this problem, we should re-select in time, combined with the actual process requirements, appropriate adjustment of the requirements of the mold, thereby eliminating the phenomenon of excessive or too small deformation; the fourth reason is due to excessive anti-pull. Under normal circumstances, the take-up tension of the wire drawing machine equipment should be controlled within a certain range, and the number of windings of the tower wheel should be reasonable.

The fifth reason is that the shape of the selected die hole is unreasonable or the smoothness does not meet the requirements. Therefore, we must strictly abide by the standard repairing wire mold, the deformation angle of the working area should ensure that the requirements of use are met, the wire diameter of the wire drawing machine must not be too long, and the smoothness of the die hole after polishing should meet the requirements. The sixth reason is due to incomplete pickling. At this time, we should readjust the temperature and concentration of the acid, and strengthen the washing and neutralization.

In addition to this, there is a very important reason that may also cause the wire breakage of the wire drawing machine, that is, the quality of the wire blank used is not good. In this case, we should strengthen the inspection of the intermediate links, and the unqualified blanks must not flow into the next process.