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Commissioning instructions and commissioning parameters of the water tank type wire drawing machine

Sep 04, 2019

Therefore, in order to ensure its stability, we need to have flexible control to achieve the purpose of coordination. In addition, during the operation of the water tank type wire drawing machine, it is also necessary to use a cooling liquid for heat dissipation to prevent the quality of the drawn product from being adversely affected. In addition, when the line is closed, we need to use a small power motor to drag, so as to ensure the constant tension on the line during winding.

 So, what problems should we consider when debugging? For this problem, we should first calculate the operating frequency required by the main pull inverter in combination with the actual process requirements, especially the achievable line speed. Secondly, we should refer to the actual gear ratio of the water tank type drawing machine to find out The frequency required to wind up. In addition, it should also be ensured that the acceleration and deceleration time of the main pull inverter is as long as possible. Therefore, we can perform smooth acceleration and deceleration.

In the process of debugging, the problems of starting, stopping or disconnection detection involved in this debugging should be completed by PLC. At the time of commissioning, the start signal of the main pull and rewind of the water tank type wire drawing machine is kept in parallel, and thus will be started at the same time.

 In addition, in the process of commissioning, in fact, the main pull and take-up jog signals of the water tank type wire drawing machine can be used when threading. When the volume is rolled up, the required amount of force is set by the touch screen PLC.