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Treatment of frequent wire breakage problems in copper wire drawing machines

Dec 10, 2018

During the drawing process, frequent yarn breakage may occur. On the one hand, due to the starting price of the copper wire drawing machine, the wire drawing die will become larger in the uninterrupted production due to normal wear and tear. On the other hand, due to the quality problems of various rods, in the production process, the rod material irregularly exhibits quality defects, which causes the monofilament to be broken by various unpredictable tensions in the drawing deformation.


In addition, in the process of operating the copper wire drawing machine, if the annealing current changes significantly, such as suddenly becoming high, the monofilament is pulled off during the annealing process or is smashed by the mutated high current. For these reasons, we need to select different mold matching schemes according to different rod materials, and constantly explore in production.


At the same time, before the production, the copper rod needs to be fully inspected, the quality defects of the copper rod are found in time, the corresponding countermeasures are found in time according to different situations, or the drawing speed is lowered, or the defective part is removed. And in the production of copper wire drawing machine, constantly observe whether the annealing current of the wire drawing is normal, especially when it is just started, pay special attention to the change of the annealing current, and adjust the annealing current according to the change of the line speed, so that the annealing current is slow. The slower speed increases with the increase of the line speed to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.www.chinawiredrawingmachine.com