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Advantages and application effects of inverted vertical drawing machine

Dec 08, 2018

With the continuous improvement of the level of production technology, people have put forward more stringent requirements on the quality of various metal products. As one of the commonly used equipments in the metal industry, the process technology level, product quality, output and variety of the inverted wire drawing machine have also been greatly improved.


In view of the actual situation, the appearance of the inverted vertical drawing machine effectively solves the problems of the quality, the increase of the product and the increase of the variety in the previous production operations. Moreover, it also solves the problems of manual unloading, small disk weight and low efficiency. It should be noted that before using the equipment of this technology, the metal wire needs to be pre-aligned in advance, which can improve the quality of the drawn wire.


In the process of drawing a metal wire using an inverted vertical drawing machine, it is required to have good synchronism and a corresponding speed for dynamics.The inverted vertical drawing machine can reduce the phenomenon of broken wire when drawing stainless steel material.www.chinawiredrawingmachine.com