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The direction of the development of the drawing machine depends on which aspects?

Jul 22, 2017

Throughout the history of the development of domestic wire drawing machine equipment, we will find its development direction is often affected by some factors, then for the wire drawing machine, its future direction of development will be mainly affected by what factors? For this problem, there must be a lot of friends are more interested in the following we will briefly introduce this content for your reference.

In fact, the future direction of the development of domestic wire drawing machine will be mainly affected by the characteristics of different metal products. And its development direction can also be summarized: If you need to process the larger specifications of the low relaxation prestressed steel wire, steel hinge line or large size and high strength and high toughness of the mine wire rope and other products, then the general is Use the tuning roller straight wire drawing equipment.

In contrast, this type of wire drawing machine equipment, although the need to advance to invest more capital costs, and its operation and maintenance of a higher level of technology, but the equipment can significantly enhance the quality of these large-size wire products, But also can significantly enhance its production. Can even say that in these two areas, its advantages can not be replaced, so by more and more users of concern.

In the drawing market, the most common or some common type of small and medium size drawing products, then for this type of work requirements, we recommend that you can use the Japanese type of combination drawing machine. And in the future for some time, it will also occupy the dominant position in the production of such products.

However, no matter what type of wire drawing machine equipment, in the future development, are bound to move toward higher quality, more advanced performance and direction. And domestic manufacturers of the top priority is to improve the domestic metal products industry as soon as the level of equipment and product quality.

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