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Precise Control of Outer Diameter Deviation of Copper Wire Drawing Machine

Aug 02, 2017

In the actual work, often because of continuous production operations, and ultimately lead to copper wire drawing machine drawing speed and annealing gradually out of sync. If the problem is more serious, then it is likely to cause in the process of drawing, because the traction speed changes, which led to the fast when the drawing, so the wire will appear intermittent, irregular changes.

So what do you know about the main reason? The first is because the tension on the storage wheel is not stable enough. Obviously, in the production workshop, there are many places need to use the pressure, then this will lead to drawing machine air pump pressure in the non-stop changes. Accordingly, the tension of the accumulator can not be kept constant. At the same time as the speed of the line is fixed, so the tension is in the non-stop changes, then it will cause the monofilament diameter deviation can not be precisely controlled.

The second reason is that the copper wire in the annealing wheel on the issue of shaking. In this way, when the copper wire in the process of annealing, it presents a loose state when the annealing, so the annealing current density will continue to change. And because of the higher speed of the state, the strength of copper wire is small, it is easy to lead to wire drawing machine diameter is not uniform.

Finally, there will be a situation will lead to different changes in the diameter, that is due to prolonged use, drawing machine equipment, the main motor gear box has occurred more serious wear and tear. In this case, will lead to fixed speed wheel speed and traction speed and the speed does not match, will eventually affect the quality of wire.

In short, the reasons described above will be to some extent affect the efficiency of the drawing machine equipment, so, as a producer, we must pay attention to these issues, as far as possible in advance to avoid the quality of products to ensure The


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