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Adjust the use of straightening machine

Aug 18, 2017

First of all we have to know, steel straightening machine at the same time with a variety of functions, but also because of this, in the actual work, we can not ignore the steel straightening machine fault problem. The more common fault problems include bending, broken wire, short section, running wire and vibration. So, in the face of these problems, how should we deal with it? 

First of all, let's look at the first question - bend. If you find this problem, then we need to adjust the straightening of the straightening machine straightening machine straightening angle. In general, we have to make sure that the straightener is on the same line as the roll groove and the cutting assembly. The second problem is the emergence of short sections, which may be due to the slide and the host tension spring caused by loose, need to adjust the tension spring.

The third problem is broken wire, resulting in the main reasons for this situation include: 1, steel straightening cut the straightening of the block angle is too large; 2, cut off the assembly on the compression spring soft; 3, 4, wire rolling on the pressure of the spring too loose; 5, the material is not good. The fourth problem is to run the wire, mainly including four reasons, namely: 1, the compression spring is too tight; 2, the slide pull the spring is too loose; 3, slide under the dragging steel bar unreasonable; Do not slip.

The last problem is that during the course of the work, the steel straightening machine has a more obvious vibration problem, which will lead to the decline in product quality, so we need to adjust the balance of the straight block in order to prevent the problem of vibration again The

In short, in actual work, we may encounter a variety of problems, for different issues, we need to first analyze the specific reasons, and then take the appropriate measures, so as to be able to straighten the steel straightening machine Back to normal.

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