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Roller drawing machine operation steps

Aug 22, 2017

First of all, before opening the roller drawing machine, the staff must be carefully checked in accordance with the provisions, in particular, to ensure that the equipment is well grounded, but also should confirm the trip hit the block of two limit screws intact. Second, the roller press machine used by the wheel cover and belt protective cover and other safety devices should ensure complete and able to work properly.

As an operator, these protective devices shall not be altered arbitrarily, and all screws on the protective cover shall be kept in good condition. Third, in the grinding roller grinding machine grinding wheel, it should be noted that the wheel is not in front of personnel to prevent accidents. If you find any problems, then in the process of inspection and repair, you must first cut off the power before they can operate.

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Fourth, before we start the roller drawing machine, we also need to make the grinding wheel or roller and roller to maintain a certain distance between, and each electrical appliances should be in a stopped state. In addition, the roller roller sleeve, roller bearings and stroke block, etc. should ensure that the adjustment properly, and fastened well. Fifth, in order to ensure the safety of the operation, then in the wheel or wire cutter feed, should ensure smooth and slow.

The sixth point is that we need to pay attention to some of the problems during the operation. During the operation of the roller drawing machine, the staff members are not allowed to touch the hand wheel, handle and electrical buttons to prevent accident. And do not touch the hand directly to any one moving parts. Work table also do not mess up.

When the roller drawing machine has completed the drawing operation, the staff should first remove the tool, and then shut down the equipment. After the roller should also be unloaded on the mat wood, if temporarily no longer use, it should also apply a layer of anti-rust oil.

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