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Automatic drawing machine daily maintenance work matters

Jul 05, 2017

Automatic drawing machine if you do maintenance, you can reduce the failure to extend the service life. Below, Xiaobian and we talk about the automatic drawing machine daily maintenance work matters.

1, with a purified filter of compressed air blowing wire drawing machine, pay attention to the inner surface of the conveyor belt and table surface cleaning, sand pad and belt surface can not have foreign body, so as not to affect the sanding accuracy.

2, regularly purge and wipe the belt swing control components, photoelectric tube and photoelectric switch, so as not to cause the belt swing is not sensitive.

3, purge the machine should start the vacuum device.

4, regularly check the compressed air filter, remove the coagulation in the filter.

Do more than a few maintenance work every day, you can reduce the automatic drawing machine failure, thereby extending the service life, reduce equipment costs, thereby increasing revenue. Finally reminded that if the automatic drawing machine failure, to immediately stop, find a professional to repair.

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