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Buy the reference factor for the drawing machine

Jun 30, 2017

Stainless steel wire drawing machine in today's industrial production more and more important, so the production of wire drawing machine manufacturers are more and more, some of which are not in place some of the technical quality of substandard products. Many consumers are not familiar with stainless steel wire drawing machine, so buy fake, resulting in economic losses. In order to help you buy wire drawing machine, Wande Shun to talk about the purchase of wire drawing machine reference factors.

1, scale. Its own production scale, if the output is not great, or the output is large but wide and the same product volume is small, directly with the manual drawing will be more cost-effective.

2, process. Whether the surface treatment process of their own products is clear, because it involves wiring requirements, process arrangements are more important.

3, the quality of staff. If you can not recruit the appropriate maintenance and fixture production staff, need to carefully consider, do not prepare for the battle.

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