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Method of maintenance of stainless steel wire drawing machine

Jun 28, 2017

Stainless steel wire drawing machine structure is simple, but still need to use properly, do a good job of daily maintenance work, the details of the Xiaobian together to find out about it!

1, each time before the start of the stainless steel wire drawing machine equipment should be security checks, and then according to lubrication chart requirements timing, fixed, quantitative plus lubricating oil, oil should be clean without precipitation.

2, stainless steel wire drawing machine must always keep clean, no paint part of the anti-rust grease. Motor bearings within the lubrication oil to regularly change the filling, and often check the electrical part of the work is safe and reliable.

3, regularly check the V-belt, handle, knob, button is damaged, wear should be replaced in a timely manner, and reported spare parts to add.


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