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The attention point of the inverted vertical drawing machine for winter maintenance

Nov 15, 2017

Due to the special conditions of winter weather, it is necessary to strengthen the maintenance of inverted vertical drawing machine.At this time in the maintenance, should pay more attention to maintenance equipment inside。So, what special attention should be paid to the maintenance?Let's take a look at the details below.

As users, we must realize the importance of this problem.

1、We must check the electrical parts of the inverted vertical drawing machine regularly.Check to see if the pieces are in good condition. Also the electrical system works properly or not should be noticed.In addition, the staff needs to check the lubrication of the motor bearings regularly,and add oil properly.

2、the staff needs to combined with reality,check the pulley, key and knob of inverted vertical drawing machine regularly。If found it damaged, or got more serious wear, should be replaced immediately, both added to spare parts in time.In addition, the wire drawing dies and switches also need to do regularly maintenance .It is best to add lubricants to the required points and quantitatively before each opening.

3、During the operation of the inverted vertical drawing machine, staff also need to observe the operation status of the equipment and the processing quality of the products.Once there is an anomaly, check it in time and fix it accordingly.

These are mainly for the maintenance of the winter inverted vertical drawing machine,in hope of helping you.And just to remind you,after the drawing work finished, the device of inverted vertical drawing machine should also be closed in time,and clean the site to ensure normal use next time。