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Several suggestions on the selection of the inverted wire drawing machine

Nov 03, 2017

Analyzing from the current market sales situation, users can choose different wire drawing equipment according to their own needs. Among them, the inverted wire drawing machine is a type of equipment. It can be subdivided into different specifications, the more common types of 800, 1000 and 1200. At the same time, analyzing from the production of equipment materials, it also includes square steel, channel steel and so on.

So, for users, there is a lot of choice when choosing the inverted wire drawing machine. However, in general, when we choose the inverted wire drawing machine, we must combine our own actual situation, such as what kind of materials, processing size and specification requirements to select the appropriate type of inverted vertical wire drawing machine equipment.

So, what type of inverted wire drawing machine is our first choice? Next, we will analyze this issue for you, hoping to provide some reference. First, we should choose the appropriate specifications according to our own processing conditions. For example, if it is mainly used for drawing reinforcement bar with large diameter, then a larger drawing force is required. So when you choose the inverted wire drawing machine, not only to select the appropriate specifications, but also to select a solid frame of materials for the equipment.

This is because only meeting these requirements can ensure stable production in actual work. Secondly, attention should also be paid to the motor of the inverted wire drawing machine. In fact, when processing reinforcement bars with different diameters, it is necessary to match motors with different power. Usually, the larger the processing diameter is , the greater the power will be required.

In addition to these factors, in the purchase process, the user also needs to consider the manufacturer's after-sales service. These are some problems we need to pay attention to when purchasing the inverted wire drawing machine, hoping that you can choose the suitable equipment.

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