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Drawing lubrication control requirements of copper wire drawing machine

Nov 20, 2017

In order to get a good wire-drawing,in the process of manipulating the copper wire drawing machine, it is necessary to ensure reasonable lubrication care.For copper wire drawing machine,the main requirements of drawing lubrication can be summarized as: the temperature, concentration and cleanliness of lubricant. Because these factors have very important influence on the tensile quality of the equipment.

1、 Let's analyze the temperature conditions.During the operation period,If the temperature of the lubricant is too high,it's hard to take away the heat generated when you stretch the wire,then it will increases the temperature of wire and mold.The final result will be the discoloration of the wire material both the service life of the die.

Due to the high temperature of the lubricant, the lubrication quality will decrease,it will affect the normal operation of copper wire drawing machine.On the other hand, if the temperature is too low, then the viscosity of the lubricant will increase, which will hinder the extension of the wire.Therefore, the temperature of the lubricating liquid must be controlled within the proper range.Usually for copper wire drawing machines,the temperature of lubricant should be kept between 25 and 55 degrees during the drawing process.

2、Be careful to control the concentration of the lubricant.If the concentration of the lubricant is too high, the friction between the wire and the wall will be reduced.It can also reduce the tensile force of the copper wire drawing machine.In contrast, friction increases, the wear problem aggravates , both the required tensile force increases.Therefore, the corresponding lubricant concentration should be selected according to the specific production process requirements.

3、The cleanliness of the lubricant. If there are more impurities in the lubricant, then the lubrication system will be blocked.The more serious consequence cause a shortage of lubricants and affect lubricant cooling effect.In this way,It not only affects the normal operation of copper wire drawing machine, but also results in the influence of wire cooling rate.