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Improving performance is the key point to reduce the cost of copper wire drawing machine

Nov 22, 2017

In the current production operation, everyone is very concerned about the production cost,because it directly relates to the actual benefits of production.For the copper wire drawing machine, if the performance can be improved effectively throughout the production process, it also means lower production cost.

According to the actual application, during the operation of the copper wire drawing machine, the product not only avoids the problems such as torsion, but also does not show the bending phenomenon.This is mainly because of a more robust cooling method during cooling, thus maintaining a better plasticity and toughness after drawing the copper wire.At the same time, the strength fluctuation range of copper wire will decrease obviously, which means that the copper wire drawing machine can produce more stable products.

The main advantages of the equipment can be summarized as follows:

1.During the operation of the copper wire drawing machine, it not only greatly improved the efficiency of work, but also reduced the energy consumption.And it has been favored by many users.In terms of qualified rate, productivity, electricity consumption and yield, it can obviously save a lot of production cost, which is equivalent to bringing more economic benefits to enterprises.

2.During the operation of the copper wire drawing machine, it is necessary to pay attention to control operation and management, also should pay attention to the processing technology of the blank quality, especially the precision of the surface.For example, the precision shooting of die holes, high speed applications of lubricants and the shock absorption of equipment can help to improve work efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

In all, if we were able to take care of these requirements in our actual work,it can not only further enhance the performance of copper wire drawing machine, but also reduce the production cost as much as possible and bring greater economic benefit to the production enterprises.